Subject Leadership

Our teacher’s hold leadership responsibilities over aspects of the curriculum. Each teacher leads a subject, which is chosen based upon the skills and interests of the teacher, ensuring the subject is led with enthusiasm and drive.

At the start of every academic year. Subject Leaders consider their vision for their subject. Using this vision, they create a bespoke Action Plan for the year, considering their intentions and how they will implement the actions. At the end of every seasonal term, leaders review their actions to date looking at the impact they have made upon teaching and learning. They may tweak or set new actions.

After reviewing their Action Plans, Leaders meet with a member of SLT to discuss the impact across the term. This provides the opportunity for leaders to talk through their actions, the impact they have made and identify next steps, ensuring continuous drive and improvement. These subject progress meetings provide mentoring and coaching for Subject Leaders.

Subject Leaders regularly monitor their subject and have termly release time for this purpose. Monitoring activities include pupil voice, pupil engagement, pupil’s work/books, learning environments, assessment information and lessons. All monitoring is purposeful –leaders provide timely and constructive feedback to class teachers and use monitoring to plan and lead staff CPD, including demonstrations and ‘in class’ support where required. Monitoring is revisited to check feedback has been acted upon and allowing for further next steps to be set, ensuring continuous improvement.