Inclusion and
Special Educational
Needs or Disabilities

We are proud to be recognised as a highly inclusive and nurturing school. 

Miss Lawson is the Special Educational Needs or Disabilities Co-ordinator (SENDCo) at Brook Community Primary School. Miss Lawson also ensures children are well supported if they have English as an additional language (EAL) or if they are in receipt of Pupil Premium funding. 

Our aim is to ensure that all children have the support they need so they can flourish and that every child is able to access our full curriculum. We believe in an inclusive approach to meeting the individual needs of all the children at Brook.

We work closely with parents and children, from the very start, to identify individual needs and plan provision to enable children to achieve their full potential. We also work closely with external agencies and the Kent SEND team and invest time in professional development so that all staff are knowledgeable and able to support all children well.

Policies for SEND and Inclusion

SEND Policy

Accessibility Policy

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