Progression & Planning

Curriculum Progression Maps are in place for all curriculum subjects, identifying the key knowledge and skills taught each year, key vocabulary and where these fit in to the Key Stage. These grids support teacher’s planning for the year and for each term across every subject.

The Maps also highlight key end points for each phase.

Teacher’s and Senior Leaders plan the Curriculum Map each year and teacher’s plan in more detail for each term, looking at how the learning will progress over the course of a term in each subject and how the learning can be further enriched. We follow a 2-year cycle due to our mixed-age classes.

The topics and themes within our maps may change each time we return to a cycle, but the key knowledge and skills taught will remain the same as they follow the Primary National Curriculum.

In every lesson, teachers share with the pupils what they are learning – knowledge and skills, how they are learning this, why they are learning this, prior learning which may help them and what they will learn in future lessons. They also will explain the echoes and ripple for each lesson.