Our Timetable

Our timetable is carefully designed to provide opportunities for breadth of learning as well as the time to build deep skills and knowledge. We continually reflect on our timetable design and make changes to improve when necessary. 

 Our subjects are mostly taught as stand-alone subjects. We do not force subjects in to topics – they only link if they benefit the learning to do so. This is also true of our English and Maths Curriculum, which often stand apart from other subjects and concepts due to the high level of skills and knowledge required.

Mornings are a focus for English and Maths skills, including reading, phonics, spellings, handwriting and times tables. Our day now starts at 8.45 giving plenty of learning time in the morning. Reading is a cores part of the day and occurs through explicit Reading lessons, as well as English lessons and across the curriculum. Our afternoons are as creative and practical as possible, teaching curriculum subjects such as Science and the foundation subjects. Every class has one ‘active’ day each week, where they come to school in their active/PE uniform. On this day, as well as having their PE lesson, pupils have the opportunity to learn in an active way in other lessons too, such as active maths.

Once a week every class holds a class circle time, following the ‘quality circle time’ Jenny Mosely model. This provides pupils with the time to talk and be listened to within a safe forum.

Every day, every pupil engages in Collective Worship, a daily writing activity, reading, handwriting practice, the Daily Mile, a class reflection and the zones of regulation. We also make time for frequent learning breaks between lessons so pupils can have drink and stretch their legs. These are only for a few minutes. Some pupils also engage daily in Sensory Circuits before commencing with lesson time.

For some pupils, they received targeted support or specific interventions. These take place throughout the day but are thoughtfully planned to ensure pupils’ do not continually miss the same subject or activity. Many of these are time specific and run for six weeks at a time. Pre-teaching activities also take place every day for some pupils.