Our School Day

School hours

School starts at 8.45am every day and ends at 3.15pm. Each day is 6.5 hours (32.5 hours a week)

Start and end of the day routines


• The side pedestrian gate opens at 8.35am.
• Stop and Drop is in operation from 8.35am. 
• The gate will close at 8.45am and this is the start of school. Morning registration takes place at this time.

Children should be in class and ready to learn. Arrival after this time will require entrance through the school office and could result in a late mark.


• The school day ends at 3.15pm.
• The gates open at 3.15pm.
• The gates close at 3.25pm.

Our Timetable

Session 1 – 8.45am

Assembly – 9.00am

Session 2 – 9.15am

Playtime – 10.15am

Session 3 – 10.30am

Lunchtime – 12.00pm

Session 4 – 1.00pm


Welcome to Brook!
Whether you are looking for a place now or interested in applying for a place in our new Reception class for September 2024, we would be delighted to show you around.
We are now a 'good' school with 'outstanding' leadership and, in May 2023, Ofsted found that:

“Happiness permeates the school.”

Contact us to book a tour or a 'stay and play' session.