Governing Board

The Role of the Governing Board

Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.

As Governors, we are responsible for a number of areas including attainment, finance, policies and procedures.  Our role involves working closely with the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team to ensure children get the best possible education to enable them to reach their full potential, in an environment where they feel safe, valued and learning is fun.

    • Help set the aims and objectives for the school

    • Help to ensure our policies and procedures are relevant and achieve their objectives

    • Set targets to monitor the progress of the school to ensure it is meeting its aims and objectives

    • Be a critical friend to the school and provide a source of challenge and support.

Please see our Annual Statement for more information regarding the Governing Body.


The Governing Body consists of:

    • 2 Parent Representatives

    • 1 LA Representatives

    • 2 Staff Representatives

    • 1 Headteacher

    • 3 Co-opted Representatives

    • 2 Foundation Representatives

Total Governors 10

Our current Governing Body is made up of the following.


Chair / Vice Chairs

Dominic Urand

Local Authority Governor

Chair of Governors

Roles: Finance, Health & Safety, Quality of Education and Curriculum inc. Assessment, Headteacher Performance Management

Term: 14/07/2022 ending on 13/07/2026

Rachael Fagg

Foundation Governor

Vice Chair

Roles: Vice Chair – EYFS, Governor Training and Development, LOtC and Outside Environment, Science

Term: 03/10/2022 ending 02/10/2026

Steven King

Parent Governor

Vice Chair

Roles: Vice Chair – Finance, Maths

Term: 19/11/2020 ending on 18/11/2024



Ellen Ranson-McCabe


Term: Ex-Officio

Martin Hill

Staff Governor

Term: 29/06/2022 ending 28/06/2026

Matthew Stanley 

 Co-opted Governor

Term: 12/05/2022 ending on 27/06/2026

Peter Penberthy

Co-opted Governor

Roles: Safeguarding,  

Term: 18/01/2024 ending on 17/01/2028

Rosey Wilkin

Co-opted Governor

Roles: Enrichment, Inclusion – (SEND, PP, EAL, Pastoral Provision and Nurture), English

Term: 18/03/2020 ending on 17/03/2024

Jay Fawcett

Parent Governor

Roles: Behavior and Attitudes, Designed original school website

Term: 24/06/2022 ending on 23/06/2026

Timothy Betts

 Foundation Governor

Roles: Subject Leadership, Headteacher Performance Management, Science 

Term: 23/01/2020 ending 22/01/2024



Karen Raeburn


Tim BettsYesYes Yes   
Rachael FaggYesYes No   
Jay FawcettYesYes Yes   
Martin HillYesYes No   
Steven KingYesYes Yes   
Pete PenberthyNoYes Yes   
Ellen Ranson-McCabeYesYes Yes   
Matt StanleyNoYes Yes   
Dom UrandYesYes Yes   
Rosie WilkinYesNo Yes   
Tim BettsYesYes Yes Y
Rachael FaggYesYes Yes Y
Jay FawcettYesYes Yes Y
Martin HillYesYes Yes Y
Steven KingYesYes Yes Y
Pete PenberthyYesYes Yes Y
Ellen Ranson-McCabeYesYes Yes Y
Matt StanleyYesNo Yes Y
Dom UrandYesYes Yes Y
Rosie WilkinYesYes Yes YY
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