Healthy Tuck Shop

I can confirm that this will open on Monday with a small selection of items, chosen carefully with cost, storage, and allergies in mind. 

Mighty Oaks and Young Oaks

10p for one item

20p for two items (maximum)

Saplings and Little Acorns

10p for one item (maximum)

Free fruit/veg will be available as per usual

(Or bring in 50p/£1 on a Monday for the week.)

The tuck shop is optional. Fresh fruit and veg snacks can continue to be brought in from home instead of or in addition to the tuck shop. Please do not send in any other snacks. 

Many thanks for your feedback and support.

Welcome to Brook!
We have spaces available for Reception September 2024!
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If you are considering Brook, we would be delighted to show you around.
We are a 'good' school with 'outstanding' leadership and, in May 2023, Ofsted found that:

“Children in Early Years are flourishing.”

“Pupils are thriving.”

“Happiness permeates the school.”

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