Early Years Foundation Stage

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) refers to children’s education between birth and the age of 5 years. At Brook School our EYFS are known as our Little Acorns Class.

Our Little Acorns are nurtured from the very start of their journey at Brook. Every adult and pupil in the school gets to know them quickly so they feel like part of the Brook family almost at once. Our EYFS teaching team visit children in their previous settings before they begin in September to learn as much about them as possible. This information helps the team develop a curriculum which is just for the new cohort, bespoke to their personalities and needs. The team will also come and visit each child in their home, providing important time to meet with parents and find out more about the child. This home visit is important for the parents and child too – it enables them to meet the team prior to starting and raise any questions or queries.

Once the children begin Brook, they are provided with an engaging high-quality education with a strong focus on communication. Children are given opportunities to develop their own play and independent exploration through carefully planned activities for both the classroom and the outside area. Children’s understanding is carefully planned for, and assessed, via the Reception Baseline Assessment (RBA) upon entry, to take into account their staring points. This information ensures the teachers plan and facilitate learning opportunities which build on their unique starting points, which may be different for each child.

Little Acorns are paired with a Year 5 pupil as a buddy. This buddy takes an active role at playtimes and lunchtimes, organising games and activities at a suitable level. As Brook is such a small school, Little Acorns are able to play outside on the field with other classes at playtimes and lunchtimes, getting to know the other pupils in school, who, in turn, get to know them too.

Our Little Acorns take part in Forest Adventures and Environment-led learning as much as the other classes. They also have the opportunity to join the Green Gang, attend School Council meetings and attend assemblies and other whole-school events. They are given a House Team when they start and will take part in House events.

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