Curriculum Enrichment and Personal Development

In addition to our Forest Adventures and Learning Outside the Classroom (click here), we are proud to offer a range of enrichment activities and opportunities for personal development. Click each title to find out more:

At Brook we use Picture News and we start each week with an item from the news. We refect upon the story or event and consider how we feel and what we might learn from it. 

Our pupil’s in Mighty Oaks class have the opportunity for residential trips and every class will take part in several school trips a year to enhance their learning. We also invite visitors in.

We hold special weeks and days across the school year such as Book Day, Storytelling Week, Science Week and House Team events. These events focus on aspects of community and charity.

We are have links with nearby Godinton House as well as the Agricultural museum at Brook and the local Church. Our Vicar delivers regular assemblies and supports us in services at the Church, such as Harvest, Christmas and Easter each year.

Every pupil is invited to be a member of the Green Gang each term. The gang get together and work hard to improve the environment and help make Brook as environmentally friendly as possible.

Every class have a representative for School Council. Our School Captain leads regular meetings. The meetings give pupils the opportunity to share ideas and discuss ways to improve their school.

When pupils reach the final year of Primary, they have the opportunity to become an active member of the Young Leadership Team.  All Year 6 pupils can have a role or two. Our current team consists of:

School Captains, House Captains, Sports Captains, Green Gang Captains, Assembly Captains and Librarians.

The YLT have responsibility for charity work, fundraising, house activities, welcoming visitors and leading events.

Every Monday, Mrs Ranson-McCabe leads a whole school assembly. Elements of the School Values, British Values and worldwide festivals and celebrations are shared through assemblies. On Tuesdays pupils attend a singing assembly led by Mr Stanley. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, classes either have a class assembly or attend a Key Stage Assembly led by a Class Teacher. Themes are carefully planned to reflect current issues or events.   On Fridays Mrs Ranson-McCabe leads a Celebration Assembly where children are awarded certificates for demonstrating values, attendance awards are presented and House Team winners are announced. Birthdays are also celebrated.

Every pupil is part of a House Team. The team members will range from Year R to Year 6 and the team is led by a House Captain. Each week, team points are collected and the winning team is celebrated. St the end of term, the team of the term is rewarded and the trophy is presented with the winning team colour.  The teams at Brook changed in September 2022 following a competition for new team names.

The new names reflect the outside learning and environment at Brook:

Grasshoppers (Green), Ladybirds (Red), Bees (Yellow) and Dragonflies (Blue).

We have a range of musicians who visit regularly. One of our tutors provides weekly Ukulele lessons to our Young Oaks class as part of our music curriculum. Our other tutors deliver one to one lessons on different instruments.

Mrs Britton leads a school Choir who sing at events and special occassions.

We use Sing Up for our music curriculum and also the songs we sing in assemblies.

At Brook we enjoy our PE lessons and taking part in sport.


We are proud that children at Brook School get ample opportunities to take part in a variety of sporting activities.  Sports specialists visit the school twice a week, introducing children to new sports and activities and encouraging them to develop an enthusiasm for sport no matter what their specific interest or aptitude. Children in Young Oaks attend swimming lessons.


Brook School partakes in numerous local competitions between schools.  In one term alone our pupils competed in the following sport competitions/activities, in addition to their curriculum-based sport lessons: Volleyball, Athletics, Agility, Cross country, Handball, Gymnastics, Sports workshop and Sports young leader training.

Each term we offer a variety of clubs led by either our Sports Coach or members of staff. The clubs on offer differ each term.

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We are a 'good' school with 'outstanding' leadership and, in May 2023, Ofsted found that:

“Children in Early Years are flourishing.”

“Pupils are thriving.”

“Happiness permeates the school.”

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