Our Curriculum

Our inclusive curriculum is bespoke to the pupils of Brook and provides opportunities for each pupil to recognise and fulfil their potential and flourish through all elements of the National Curriculum and beyond.

Underpinning our curriculum, you will find the roots: providing a stable base for our core values of; Care, Creativity and Courage. Our roots support our vision, ensuring that our children are part of an adventurous and caring family with the courage to meet challenges and learn creativity in our outstanding natural environment.

The Curriculum is built around the roots.  The Subjects we teach, like the branches of a tree, are nourished by the roots. 

Each subject has been carefully mapped (see below) to ensure full coverage of the National Curriculum, as well as coverage of additional knowledge and skills for our pupils. Our curriculum is designed to be taught in a subject specific way. Through this method, our pupils learn what it is to be a historian, a scientist, an artist and so on. 

Our curriculum is provided in three ways:

Our Subject Curriculum Maps:

To find out more on our curriculum offer, please contact the school office: office@brook-ashford.kent.sch.uk 

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